We invite you to consider membership with the Desert Valley Dachshund Club (DVDC).  It is a great way to meet other “doxie lovers”.  We are always looking for people who want to get involved in planning events and other activities.

Membership is by application.  Prospective members are required to attend two meetings, submit an application for Membership endorsed by two active DVDC members, and accompanied by a check for the first year’s dues.

Once those conditions have been met, the application will be considered by the Board of Directors at its next meeting. If the Board approves the application, it will recommend the prospective member to the General Membership at the next General Membership meeting. If that recommendation is not made, or if the General Membership does not accept the application, the applicant’s dues will be returned immediately. The DVDC Secretary will advise the applicant of the Club’s decision in a timely manner.

To download an application for DVDC membership, click here